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hamster riding dog

this guy looks like he belongs there he fits so well in that little weird dog head notch 

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In case you’re sad here are some buns.

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I didn’t understand all the complaining about the new feature that puts posts from blogs you don’t follow on your dash.  Before today I only got pics of Taylor Swift and Pokemon from it so I was happy.  But tonight I got SQUICKED!  Literally SQUICKED by the shit they put on my dash!

WTF?  You’d think with that type of feature they’d exempt graphic sexual things!  For fucks sake!  And it was completely antithetical to everything I post in that regard! I only got one quick glimpse at it, but that was enough to squick me!  I don’t wanna read shitty ass-backwards pornography on my fucking dash!  There’s a reason I hardly go in the ship tag, and just choose the blogs I follow so selectively.  It’s cause I don’t wanna be squicked by shitty ass-backwards pornography.  

And hey, I fucking bet there’s people here that don’t wanna read ANY pornography, shitty and ass-backwards or otherwise.  I sure as fuck don’t want MY writing showing up on some random persons dash!  What if they don’t like porn?  Or what if they like their porn soft and sweet?  Hell, even people that claim to be into BDSM have told me that my writing is too fucking VIOLENT.  Then they’ll hate me when it’s Tumblr’s fault!  Just like I had to put that shitty ass-backwards porn writer on ignore.  Because Tumblr thought it would be a good idea to show me that SHIT. 

Fucking hell, who the fuck thought this was a good idea?  Who the fuck didn’t think this shit through?  Get rid of it or at least exempt sexually graphic posts FOR FUCKS SAKE!

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Taylor Swift in Both of Us

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Takachiho, Kyushu | Japan 

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